Looking forward to TCUK 2015

Updated 2nd September 2015

The Technical Communication UK conference 2015 (TCUK 2015) is taking place in Glasgow from 29th September to 1st October. The constant changes in the industries we serve, along with the changes in the tools and methodologies at our disposal, have prompted many technical communicators to think about transforming their working practices, or transforming their own career paths, or both. We are all capable of Breaking the Boundaries of Technical Communication and using our skills and expertise in new ways, or in new areas, and that’s the unifying theme for this year’s conference.

One of the reasons I’m looking forward to TCUK 2015 is because of keynote speakers who each show ways in which we can challenge and break through the boundaries and constraints we face.

Andrea L. Ames is a Senior Technical Staff Member and Enterprise Content Experience Strategist/Architect/Designer in IBM’s CIO, where she enables strategic use of IBM’s high-value content assets for the most client delight and success and highest IBM business impact. Her keynote will help you to get started or to progress along your already change-embracing path by showing us that to move beyond survival in our industry to thrive and find great success, you must become comfortable with ambiguity and learn to love change.

Chris Atherton returns to TCUK as our third keynote speaker this year. Chris is a Partner at Equal Experts, where she engages in user research and user-centred design to help clients transform their software delivery processes. Originally from an academic psychology background, Chris got interested in how people process visual information on screens, and subsequently ran off to join the software industry. Many technical communicators would love to talk to real users but find many obstacles in their way. No budget? No user experience colleague? No problem. Chris will demonstrate some simple ways of getting started, persuading people to join you, and then scaling things up.

Unfortunately Murray Cox, who was originally announced as a keynote speaker, is now unable to attend TCUK 2015. His place will be filled by Neil Perlin. Neil is an internationally-known online content consultant, trainer, and columnist, and is certified in both Adobe RoboHelp and MadCap Flare. Neil’s keynote presentation is on “Breaking Our Own Boundaries”, looking at ways to break out of self-imposed boundaries – expand, extend, and avoid pigeonholes – to help us move in challenging, well-paying, and fun directions.

As well as our keynote speakers, we have over thirty presentations and workshops for you to choose from this year, more than half of which are about Breaking the Boundaries of Technical Communication. There’s still time to book your place at TCUK and I look forward to seeing you there.

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