Going to LavaCon – from the comfort of your own home (or office)

The Lavacon conference on Content Strategy and Tech Comm Management is taking place this year in New Orleans. It’s one of the tech comm conferences I’ve never managed to get to, but I’d love to attend as they always have such a great line-up of speakers, and this year is no exception – and I’d love to visit New Orleans too. This year LavaCon are offering their Virtual Track once again, which means you can attend a whole range of sessions from your own home (or office). (Read on for news of a special offer for Marginal Notes readers!)

LavaCon is spread over four days and features speakers from leading companies including Adobe Systems, IBM, UBS, Boeing, Intel and PayPal among many others. It starts with a day of workshops on Sunday 18th October, followed by three full days of presentations on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 19th – 21st October 2015.

All the keynote sessions at LavaCon will be broadcast live in the Vitual Track. In addition, one breakout session in each time slot is also included in the live video channel. The other four sessions will be broadcast in webinar format (slides and audio), so Virtual Track attendees can attend any session remotely.

The keynote sessions are all 18-minute TED-style presentations, and some of my favourite speakers are taking part. Andrea Ames from IBM (who is also speaking at TCUK this year) will be speaking about how you can improve your influence quotient, which can be so important if you’re the only person in your organisation who is promoting the importance of Content. Vici Koster-Lenhardt will use her keynote session to show how her career successes have everything to do with the soft and hard communication skills won fighting the battles in newspaper and magazine publishing, techcom, and corporate communications.

Noz Urbina, is another keynote speaker, and he will explain how to position content so that the people in your organisation with “the power and the purse strings” will notice. His keynote will be followed by a full session examining this vital question in more depth. Joe Gollner will address a similar theme in his session on the “Dark Arts of Content Leadership”.

These sessions are just a tiny fraction of what’s on offer at Lavacon 2015, and I really wish I could be there. But if I was there, I’d probably be driving myself mad trying to choose between the five tracks of presentations: Content Strategy; Content Production; User Experience; Tolls and Technology; and, Management and Governance. If you do get an opportunity to be there – well, I’m jealous!

I’ll be reporting back on the LavaCon Virtual Track after the event.

Special offer for Marginal Notes readers: Benefit from a 20% discount when you register for the LavaCon Virtual Track when you use the discount code “dfarb”.

Disclosure: David is attending the 2015 Virtual Track as a guest of LavaCon.

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