“Getting your message across” survey results

At the beginning of February I ran a quick survey under the title “Getting your message across” in association with the UK launch of Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3. I’d like to summarise some of the results here.

Number of respondents

The survey was only live for 8 days and it was primarily advertised via social media channels such as Twitter and LinkedIn. In that context, getting 158 replies was quite an achievement.

Size of organisation and size of writing team

Respondents were evenly distributed between large and small companies. About 30% of respondents were “lone writers” or sole practitioner, and just under half worked in teams of 5 or more technical communicators.

Tools being used

The survey asked which tools technical communicators used in their work, and which tools they were were planning to use. For these questions respondents could select all the tools they used or planned to use. 61% of respondents reported they used Microsoft Office 2007, and 21% reported they used Microsoft Office 2010. 44% reported they used Adobe FrameMaker. Looking to the future, there were fewer respondents expecting to be using each of these tools in the coming six months.

Message channels

The “Getting your message across” survey asked about the use of “single-sourcing”, and of delivery using the web, the cloud, and mobile devices. More than 60% of respondents said that they used “single-sourcing”, while 79% said that using the web was very important or somewhat important for delivering their message. Some 30% of respondents said that using the cloud was very important or somewhat important, and 24% said that delivery to mobile devices was very important or somewhat important.

Thank you

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the survey. Please look out for a longer article about survey results in the near future.

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